Alicia Dunning

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Alicia Dunning is a senior consultant with a strong background in market research and commercialisation. Alicia previously held a senior role within the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation, a £9.8 million European funded programme providing targeted business support to SME's across North West England. The support provided included conducting both primary and secondary data analysis and locating potential funding opportunities. To date Alicia has worked with over 100 companies across a wide range of business sectors including; manufacturing, construction, integrated health and social care, transport, medical and surgical technologies, baby and nursery equipment, sports and fitness, and digital technologies. She is skilful in undertaking market research, business planning and business strategy as part of her commercialisation work and has a strong background in data analysis.  Qualifications: Master of Enterprise in Business from Manchester Business school (University of Manchester), BSc Sociolog from the University of Manchester and is currently studying for the MRS Advanced Certificate in market and social research to become an accredited member of the Market Research Society.

NEVERMIND has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 689691.