Cecilia Vera Muñoz

Cecilia Vera Muñoz has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and M.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). She is an expert in the management and technical development of Scientific & Technical Projects dealing with telematics applied to the social and healthcare sector. Her areas of expertise include Human Computer Interaction, user experience assessment, user interaction, users’ engagement, and advanced Health Information Systems. She has collaborated in several R&D international and national funded projects both in the areas of e-Health and e-Inclusion. She has recently leaded the Patient System development and validation for cardiovascular disease management within the R&D funded project HeartCycle (FP7), where UPM has developed a complete patient‘s system for patients with cardiovascular diseases, including a coaching and motivation strategy as part of an intervention program for the promotion of healthy lifestyle and disease management. She is currently a member of the EIP-AHA where she participates as co-coordinator of Patient/User activities within Action Group B3 Integrated Care, and as coordinator of the Synergies on Patient/User Empowerment across the 6 action groups.

NEVERMIND has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 689691.