Dr. Bernhard Wellhöfer

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Dr. Bernhard Wellhöfer joined GAIA in 2005 and directs GAIA’s software engineering unit. He holds a Master’s degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. in computer science (“object orientation in compiler construction”, University of Osnabrück). His focus at GAIA is on overseeing the development of UI-tech, mobile technology, and analyzing “big data”. After finishing his Ph.D., he worked for a small start-up in Hamburg named Verdisoft, a company that developed a mobile solution to deliver personal data (e.g., email, contacts, calendar) in a synchronized way to mobile devices.  Verdisoft was then bought by Yahoo, and the product became “Yahoo! Go” – Yahoo’s mobile technology platform. At Yahoo, he was responsible for the backend team of “Yahoo! Go”. His task was to setup the data center services to run “Yahoo! Go” for millions of Yahoo users and devices, which included scalability, system stability, data security, big data management and regulatory affairs. At GAIA, he directed the development of broca®,  which is the expert-system software and an artificial intelligence-based platform “behind” GAIA-products such as deprexis. This platform can be used to develop products that simulate a conversation with a real person, such as a physician or psychotherapist. Technically, broca® is a software-platform enabling the development of web applications for varying devices, including desktop browsers, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android base devices.

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