Francesco Oliva

Francesco Oliva is an Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences, University of Turin, and works as psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment Service of the “San Luigi Gonzaga” Hospital, Orbassano (Turin), Italy. He received the degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2002 and the post-graduate degree in Psychiatry in 2006, from the University of Turin, Italy. He taught Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Clinical Psychology, and he has taught Alcohol and Addictive Disorders and Psychiatry at School of Nursing and at School of Techniques in Psychiatric Rehabilitation of Turin. Between 2007 to 2011, he worked first as outpatient clinic psychiatrist and then as assistant medical director at the Department of Mental Health of the ASLTO3, Collegno (Turin), Italy. His research has focused on quality of life, alcohol and substance use disorder, personality disorders, personality and coping style of patients with general medical conditions and, more recently, on adult ADHD.

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