Laura Caldani

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Laura Caldani is an Electronic Engineer, with a specialization in Bioengineering who graduated in 2004 with a dissertation on the realization and characterization of gas sensors in porous silicon. From 2005 - 2007 she won a scholarship to learn about the processes for textile sensor development with Smartex, and conducted functionality tests.  From 2007 - 2009 she worked for the company Penelope S.p.A., to deepend her knowledge about the textile process. She joined Smartex S.r.l in April 2009, where she followed the European project MYHEART (IST-2002-507816), BIOTEX (IST-NMP 016789), PROETEX (IST-4 026987), ESPONDER (SEC-2009.4.2-242411) and is currently working on the EU project WELCOME (FP7 611223).

NEVERMIND has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 689691.