Luca Ostacoli

Luca Ostacoli is a Researcher in Clinical Psychology, Department of Oncology, Teacher of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Turin. He received the degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1989 and the Specialization in Psychiatry in 1993, at the Turin University, Italy. Head of the University Service of Psychosomatics and Psychoncology, San Luigi Hospital, Orbassano (Turin) since 2001. Member of the Psycho-oncology committee of the Piedmont Oncological network; secretary of the Piedmont Medical Psychotherapy Society.  He was the Coordinator of Post-graduate University Masters in Clinical Psychology in Medical Illnesses and he’s the Director of the Postgraduate University Master in Clinical Mindfulness. He is author of International articles in the field of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy.

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