Vladimir Carli

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Vladimir Carli is a Senior Lecturer at the National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health (NASP), Karolinska Institutet (KI). He is a member of the Executive Board of the WPA and EPA Sections of Suicidology. He is Vice President of the International Association of Suicide Prevention (IASP). VC is project leader of the project Suicide Prevention through Internet and Media-based Suicide Prevention (SUPREME), funded by the European Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC). He is also Assistant Project Leader of the 7th Framework Programme EU funded project Saving and Empowering Young Lives in Europe (SEYLE) and Working in Europe to Stop Truancy Among Youth (WE-STAY). VC is Co-Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Research, Training and Methods Development in Suicide Prevention. He recently collaborated with the WHO in the development of the mhGAP intervention guide, by scrutinizing and reviewing the existing medical literature on suicide prevention and producing the evidence-based recommendations that are part of the guide.

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